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Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

After Weight Loss Before & After Gallery

After massive weight loss, patients often find that there is too much excess skin and they do not have the toned figure they desire.

Tijuana plastic surgeon Dr. Juan Fuentes can help these patients get back to a normal image of themselves. With the right professional evaluation, improved body contouring techniques and artistic planning and execution of the surgery, Dr. Fuentes can help patients look as good as they feel.

Dr. Fuentes and his staff specialize in this new field of plastic surgery. Post-weight loss plastic surgery often includes several procedures that target many areas of the body. Among the most frequently performed surgeries are liposuction to target stubborn areas of fat, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck in Tijuana. We encourage potential patients to view our photo gallery to see the results from our previous patients. You can also email us some photos of your body to have an evaluation over the phone. Please include your age, height, weight, and if you have any health problems, and email us: I need an evaluation

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