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Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)
Tijuana, Baja California, MX

Some areas of the body, including the waistline, can be stubbornly resistant to healthy diet and exercise. Men and women who struggle to lose weight around their abdomens may be interested in a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Tummy tuck surgery removes the excess skin and fatty deposits and tightens the abdominal muscles that may have separated due to pregnancy or excessive weight gain. The result is a flatter, tighter stomach. Tummy tuck is especially beneficial for women whose abdominal muscles have separated in a condition called diastasis, which can occur after pregnancy.

Candidates for Tummy Tuck

You may be a candidate for tummy tuck surgery in Tijuana if you relate to one of the following statements:

  • Cannot improve the appearance of the abdomen through diet or exercise
  • Accumulated a lot of extra skin after weight loss
  • Lost elasticity in the skin because of pregnancy
  • Want to remove unattractive skin and fat deposits
  • Want to properly align the abdominal muscles for a more proportional-looking physique
  • At a stable weight and physically healthy
  • Non smoker

Tummy Tuck in Tijuana

Tummy tuck surgery is performed as an overnight staying patient procedure, and lasts anywhere from three to five hours. Mexico tummy tuck surgeon Dr. Fuentes begins by making a horizontal incision above the pubic bone area, extending across the lower abdomen. This incision may extend around the back. The skin is separated from the underlying muscle tissue, then the abdominal muscle is tightened and excess skin is removed. The tissue is tightened to better define the waistline and create a more sculpted contour. Dr. Fuentes then closes the incisions and stitches the skin together more tautly. In some cases, Dr. Fuentes may make an additional incision around the navel.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Patients recovering from Tijuana tummy tuck surgery should get plenty of rest and limit their movements in order to facilitate a speedy healing process. They may notice some swelling and mild discomfort, which can be relieved by oral pain medication. When the incisions have healed properly, Dr. Fuentes will remove the stitches and clear the patient to return to his or her normal activities (including exercise). Results should last for many years with the proper healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Tummy Tuck FAQ

Q: How Much Does Tummy Tuck in Tijuana Cost?

A: Tummy Tuck cost in Tijuana will typically run between $2,500 and $4,500 depending on the scope of the procedure. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Fuentes to receive a customized price quote.

Q: What is the recovery time for a tummy tuck?

A: It is important to remember that recovery times will vary from each individual. Depending on the degree of your tummy tuck and your physical health, you may be able to return to work within two to three weeks.

Q: How much swelling will there be after my tummy tuck?

A: Swelling after a tummy tuck will occur but swelling will also depend on the extent of tummy tuck you have. Most of the swelling will be gone within several weeks but it can take up to several months before all swelling goes away.

Q: When will I see my tummy tuck results?

A: You will be able to see a difference after your procedure but where the results really shine from Juan Fuentes MD, is after your swelling has gone completely away.

Schedule a Consultation for Tijuana Tummy Tuck Surgery

To learn more about tummy tuck surgery, please contact Tijuana plastic surgeon Juan Carlos Fuentes to schedule a consultation. Dr. Fuentes can be reached by email or by calling (619) 202-4443.

Dr. Juan Fuentes is widely recognized for his experience and advanced surgical skill when it comes to cosmetic procedures for the face, body and breast. In addition to tummy tuck surgery, he is a renowned Tijuana body lift and liposuction surgeon. Dr. Fuentes is also a gifted facial plastic surgeon, treating eyelid surgery, ear surgery and rhinoplasty Mexico patients.

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